‘Ardcore Edits

New sounds often present themselves accidentally. Recent efforts to catalogue my record collection have encouraged me to listen, study, and recontextualize records that I love and that have, countless times, served me so well in my capacity as a DJ.

Several rows of Hardcore Breakbeat, Jungle, and Drum & Bass lined the floor of my studio. Handful after handful, I stationed them in front of the turntable, dropped the needle on each one, magnified the etchings in search of catalog numbers, shout outs, and cutting technician sass. When giving this treatment to Splice’s “A Bass Odyssey,” the turntable was at 33 RPM instead of 45 RPM as is the suggested speed for the tune “Break It Down.” My immediate thought was that 33 was the correct speed as the vibe was so right. It was so so thick at 33, so deliberate. All of the sampling, editing, and programming tricks revealed themselves like a riot in slow motion. At that moment, I truly understood the way that this music brought together hip hop, techno, house, and reggae sounds just as it had brought together people from those cultures to dance and party in early 1990’s UK.

Later that evening, I gathered up a bag of tunes that worked when screwed from 45 to 33, with legendary labels like Brain Recordings, Shut Up And Dance, and Basement Records representing, and did a guest set on M50’s Etc Radio on WNUR 89.3 Fm Chicago. The next day in the studio I ripped all the records and made these edits. Enjoy & share!

Party Time Society Radio ft. Scottie McNiece

International Anthem label boss Scottie McNiece featuring new bits from the label. A killer show!

“International Anthem is a new Chicago-born recording company that produces and promotes progressive music releases.

Founded by curators from the Uncanned Music family, the IARC label was established to be a productive and distributive outlet for the group’s original music programming.

The mission of International Anthem is to make positive contributions to the changing state of the music industry, and to vitalize the demand for boundary-defying music by presenting unique sounds in appealing packages to untapped audiences.”


PTS Radio 6.25.2015 – Scottie McNiece (International Anthem / Uncanned Music) by Party Time Society Radio on Mixcloud

Wheel To Reel @ Sportsman’s Club

Wheel to Reel, live analog mixtape production at Sportsman’s Club (948 N Western Ave, Chicago, IL)

Please join us on Saturday afternoon June 27th 2015 at 3pm sharp as 3 hours worth of vinyl selections are DJ’d live by Ryan Keesling aka Searchl1te and simultaneously captured to 4-track tape via the bar’s vintage audio system.

“A special Saturday afternoon edition, June 27th. This month’s bar capture will feature Ryan Keesling, who’s known to the club crowd for his glitchy field-recording-injected bass beat constructions as Searchl1te, known to late-night radio listeners as the decade-long host of Party Time Society Radio on WNUR 89.3 FM, and known to others as a noble Director of Free Write Jail Arts, program which teaches art and music production to incarcerated youth. Keesling is eager to use this analog occasion at Sportsman’s Club to dip into the funk, psych, rock, rap, dub, and jazz wax that he hasn’t had many chances to present publicly.”

Box Of Sound Documentary

“This short documentary  weaves process, story and sound experimentation into a visceral cinema experience. Box of Sound – documents the process of making a cigar box into a synthesizer by Antoine Kattar: circuit bender, musician, and audio hardware engineer. The box is expertly put to use by Chicago electronic music producer Searchl1te, to create a truly unique song. Searchl1te is also shadowed as he gathers field recordings, breaking glass to create a snare and banging train cars for use as a bass drum.”